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Our Birmingham, Alabama based law practice provides client representation and legal services in landlord-tenant law and animal law.
Landlord-Tenant Law
Our landlord-tenant law practice provides legal services for both residential and commercial landlords. Depending on the client scenario, our legal approach may include a combination of traditional and contemporary strategies including litigation and eviction.

We are pleased to be among the leaders in our industry providing contemporary legal technology to make the eviction process more client-friendly. By partnering with the top provider in modern digital eviction processing, we manage client cases with the Nationwide Eviction network's SmartEviction system.

The secure, cloud-based platform is a paperless, online portfolio manager that allows us--and our clients--to submit, track, and update case filings without additional trips to court, making the eviction process more efficient and less costly. With Nationwide, our practice is equipped to handle evictions anywhere in the state of Alabama.
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Animal Law
Our animal law practice focuses on the welfare of pets and other animals, and the humans who care about them. We are proud to be one of the first law firms in Alabama to offer services designed specifically to address the legal needs of pet owners.

If you're anything like us, your pets are more than just furry alarm systems that take up most of the bed -- they're members of your family. As part of your family, your pet depends on you coming home each day to share in a remarkable bond that forms through the comfort, affection, and joy of animal-human companionship.

No one knows you quite like your pet. And no one knows your pet the way you do.

By providing for your pet through a trust, you ensure that your love will always be there for your pet -- even if you're not. Together with our clients and their animals, our collaborative legal approach prioritizes the wellness and needs of both pet and owner, now, and in the future.
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setting up a trust for my pet.
what legal issues I need to consider when adding a pet to my family.
how a prenuptial agreement affects my pet.
landlord/tenant rights when a pet/service animal/emotional support animal is involved.
something else (please briefly describe in the box below).
What is Animal Law?
What is
Animal Law?
A developing area of practice in the legal profession, animal law is centered around situations in which statutory, regulatory, and case law might affect a pet, wildlife, livestock, or any other animal in a significant way.

The animal law practice may include both civil and criminal law. Frequently, the animal's well-being is central to the case; however, our animal law practice may also include scenarios where an animal's or pet's welfare is not directly at stake, but where the central issue or subject matter in the case is related to animal interests.

We represent clients in a range of animal law scenarios, including those listed. If you would like to discuss legal action in an area of our practice or have questions about animal law, please contact us.
  • Pet Trusts
  • Animal Custody Disputes
  • Criminal/Civil Litigation for Animal Advocates
  • First Amendment Rights (Libel, Slander, Defamation Suits)
  • Rescue Groups and Humane Organizations
  • Consumer Fraud in Pet Services and Products
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Municipal Animal Ordinances
  • Service and Assistance Animals
Angie H. Ingram, Attorney At Law
Angie H. Ingram
In 2016, Angie H. Ingram established an independent law practice after 20-plus years of civil litigation experience in landlord-tenant law, creditor rights, and advocacy in retail and commercial collections and bankruptcy.

She is also one of just a few attorneys in Alabama who practices animal law. Angie first realized her passion for aiding abused and neglected dogs as a volunteer for animal rescue. Today, she continues building her legal expertise in both civil and criminal animal law matters. She has led several pro bono legal initiatives and is the founder of the Alabama Puppy Mill Project, which focuses on legislative reform and local education about commercial dog breeding.

Angie is admitted to practice law in Alabama and Georgia. She graduated magna cum laude from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law and earned an undergraduate degree from Auburn University at Montgomery. She is a founding member, past treasurer and secretary, and current Vice President of the Creditor Attorneys Association of Alabama. Angie is a member of the Bessemer Service League and Director of Animal Welfare and Legal Counsel for Cavalier Rescue of Alabama. Her four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels -- Nick, Jack, Kirby, and Victor -- are her constant source of inspiration in their loyalty, devotion, and patience.
Lindsay Cordes, Attorney At Law
Lindsay Anne Cordes
Lindsay Anne Cordes serves Of Counsel in our animal law practice. She works on civil litigation relating to consumer protection for the sale of animals; breach of contract relating to sale of animals; pet trusts and pet prenuptial agreements in Kentucky; and animal welfare issues.

Lindsay graduated the University of Kentucky College of Law in 2010 and is admitted to the bar in Kentucky. She is an associate attorney at Thomas Law Offices, in Louisville, KY, where her practice areas include personal injury law with an emphasis on nursing home abuse; mass tort law; Title IX law; and car accidents.

Outside of her law practice, Lindsay volunteers with The Animal Care Society and currently serves on the organization's Board of Directors. She loves spending time with her two dogs: Baxter, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Charlie, a Miniature Dachshund.
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